We focus on doing & delivering.

Our capabilities highlight the deep integration between our strategy, process, and our world-class technology, put to work in pursuit of ROI. In all we do, in everything we touch, we chase doing.

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Brand Strategy

A winning brand strategy dares to delight.

It shifts the narrative. It drives behavior while understanding context. It answers the question “Why?”. Yet a winning brand strategy isn’t just answers – it’s knowing the correct questions to ask. Questions that are there to be asked and those waiting to be yet discovered. Questions that lead you to step back from what you’ve created and say, “but, of course!”

Let’s find the questions to ask about your brand and answer them.

Learn more about our Brand Strategy services:
  • Analysis - The foundation to any strategy is a proper analysis. Working with you to identify where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go requires a deep dive into not only your key target but your brand's psyche itself.
  • Ideation - Flirt with the idea of doing something. Color outside the lines. Create a story that defines. In developing a custom creative solution to achieve your goals, we don’t stop with what's evident, but dive deeper into what sticks and works.
  • Positioning - To help find your strategy, we hone in on the the why of your brand, and how you can own that fundamental why in the consumer’s mind. Everything else can flow from answering that question of “why?”
  • Messaging - Knowing what to say is of supreme importance, but the role of messaging in brand also covers how and where to say what. What are your social media, blog, or video strategies, and what’s your voice?
  • Execution - Execution bridges the gap between knowing and doing. We’re not just a team of philosophers and conjurers but also a team of crafters and doers. We’ll help you bring your project to life through a turn-key, seamless activation, combined with custom development where needed.
  • Best Practices - Perspective is best gained when looking from the desired result in. We think that’s the best seat in the house. We cultivate best practices through working knowledge and experience. We don't choose what implementations your program can use, but what it should use, based on behavioral insights in pursuit of that desired result. We’re always daring to ask… how can this be better?
  • Results - We believe information is power and that real, measurable results ladder back to where it all began, the strategy. A return on music. We work with you to define success. We'll assess how the needle moved on engagement, sentiment and sales, and tease out insights that you can apply to the future.

Content Strategy

It isn’t just about the who but the how.

Choosing artists and music for successful campaigns with strong ROI and content that will resonate with consumers is a process - and one at which we excel. From the moment we begin our partnership we’re always thinking about the best artist and content strategy. No matter the label, tier or stage of the artist's career, if they can aid in pursuit of results, we’ll make them part of the activation.

Let us show you how to use the who.

Read more about how we can help with Content Licensing & Strategy:
  • Strategy - Pulling from our deep understanding of the industry, our strategy focuses on who you are trying to reach and maintaining the essence of your brand. We then map the tools and tactics to get the results you want to see.
  • Licensing - Turnkey handling of license acquisition, and reporting to all rights holders, no matter the content and artist involvement in each program.
  • Research & Analytics - Our eyes peer as sharp as our ears listen. Content research starts with analytics of each artist and and every piece considered for your program. We'll assess social media reach, appropriateness of lyrics, and any competitive category vetting, and much more.
  • Curation - Finding, selecting, sharing the right content can be elusive. VerveLife’s content curation team is full of experienced and knowledgeable music lovers. They use their expertise and tools to bring the best content to light for your program, whether we're curating content at your program's start or on a regular basis.
  • Content - VerveLife provides a complete content planning and management strategy for your programs. We offer downloads and streaming from our millions-strong library of audio, videos, and more. If you're looking for something more unique, we can bring exclusive content, and merchandising to your program.
  • Artist Relations - We foster deep relationships with labels, artists' management, and direct with artists to fulfill contract points and to ensure a smooth program activation.

Rhymba™ Platform

Every craftsman has his tools.

Can you imagine having to start from scratch and create tools every time you wanted to do the smallest task? It’s best to focus on the work rather than have to build tools before you can start. The same goes for any digital program, application, or promotion. All VerveLife programs featuring downloads, streaming, loyalty/redemption codes or credits, and more get a head start with our powerful Rhymba platform.

Stand on the shoulders of a giant platform.

Learn more about our Rhymba platform:
  • Content - With more than 14 million pieces of licensed music, videos, and more, Rhymba comes loaded with content your customers know and love. Or, if you're offering exclusive content, upload it to our platform for quick ingestion & processing.
  • Streaming - Rhymba allows for flexible streaming, like browser-based radio players (with or without Flash), mobile, and more. Stream in a huge combination of bitrates and formats with our on-demand encoding bank.
  • Downloads - Rhymba enables secure, easy downloads of media to users’ computers and compatible mobile devices. Each download link is secure and protected, meaning you don't have to worry about file sharing.
  • Search - Rhymba exposes a powerful search engine for content that’s fast enough for “find as you type” search, so your UX can remain nimble. And, customize your search with flexible OData queries if you want to get more granular.
  • Reliability - You can’t make money when your service is down. The Rhymba platform is reliable and scalable for service volume low and high, with a 99.992% uptime over the past year.
  • Hosted Solution - VerveLife's server complex hosts any applications and solutions that we build for your program. This hosted solution means you enjoy the same level of reliability our own services need and security that our content partners require.

Custom Development

If you think it, we can build it.

VerveLife has a long history of crafting interactive digital experiences. These experiences can range from traditional storefronts to more expansive & creative programs on screens large and small. Our in-house development capability begins with ideation and consultation, is actualized through iterative processes, and ends with bulletproof hosted products. Our deep experience ensures we can help you identify requirements, build your roadmap, and craft the products you need for success.

Let's make some great things.

Get more information about the products & services we can provide through custom development:
  • Experiences - Full-blown hosted digital experiences let you take advantage of blue-sky opportunities. Whether you're looking for a portal integrating various media, or interactive storytelling, or even something informative to drive goals, we can help you get there.
  • Widgets - Bring our capabilities to your existing platforms. VerveLife offers a variety of standard widgets as well as the ability to build something completely new. Integrate streaming music into your site, or free downloads into your Facebook app, or more -- all with small snippets of embed code.
  • Stores - When you want to build a digital download or streaming store, VerveLife can fit the bill. We've crafted many stores ranging from commerce-enabled storefronts using credit cards, Paypal, and other payment options, to subscription-based systems, to stores based on codes users can buy or receive as rewards. And, any projects we undertake that accept payment are of course PCI compliant.
  • Mobile - More and more people are consuming content and experiences on their mobile device, and VerveLife has been happy to target that screen. Our white-label digital store sports a full mobile version, and we're proud to be the first company in our class offering secure, mobile-compatible web streaming through our beta HTTP Live Streaming service. When a mobile web experience isn't enough, we can craft full-blown iOS and Android apps that leverage our technology.
  • Social - Facebook and other social platforms opened a new frontier in development. VerveLife has created numerous socially-driven programs, ranging from Facebook tab applications and wall widgets, to experiences that leverage social plugins and content from various channels.
  • Integration - We often get asked about integrating with various third parties. Maybe you're hosting your blog on Wordpress, or your storefront uses a PHP backend? Or perhaps you have payment processors already in place that provide an API for integration. Our technical staff has integrated with many types of third party services & providers over the years, so don't worry -- our experiences can play nice with your existing providers.
  • Project Management - All throughout any custom development project, VerveLife assigns dedicated technical and operational project managers to your program. We'll lay out timelines, schedules, and deliverables, and we also pride ourselves on our responsiveness and communication. So you'll always know where things stand, what we may need from you, and what's coming next.

Social Media

The art of social conversation.

In this changeable world, social communication has its roots in a techno-centric culture. How can conversation remain authentic, organic and emotive? Our belief is that social dialogue has the power to create and propel community storytelling and bring a collective narrative to life. Our holistic, yet targeted, approach to social media is a living, breathing conversation that plays out in real time. Like any living organism, it evolves. It pushes. It pulls.

We’ll show you how to get the conversation started.

Learn more about our Social Media process:
  • Analysis - The most engaging social media program has a keen understanding of the habits & motivations of the target audience. VerveLife combines perceptive behavior analysis and audience archetypes with a grasp of network effects to grow your social media engagement.
  • Strategy - Without a strategy, a thousand words are worth… well, a thousand words. An effective roadmap drives a clear vision and message, and integrates the most resonant social platforms and tactics.
  • Ideation - It’s not all fun and games. Well, sometimes it is. Your content, your message, your tone, all trickle down from our creative think tank. In it, we push the boundaries of the obvious. We challenge status quo.
  • Tone of Voice - Your message isn’t just about what to say and when to say it but how to say it. Creating a message that calls to your target audience is a craft that we cultivate. Taking the key learnings from our analysis and mapping them to the strategy allows us to develop the right communication message for your program.
  • Development - Implementing a socially-driven idea isn’t just about what lives within the four corners of a post, tweet or blog. Our immersive implementations include cross-platform development that cultivates an interactive experience within social environments. We aren’t just the architects of social ideas but of social development too.
  • Execution - We understand the importance of continuity. Implementation can sometimes be a game of connecting the dots. From translating the strategy into tangible content, tailoring the exact message, development, crafting your social calendar, adjusting as we go, and all the nuts and bolts in-between, bottom line is we’ve got you covered.
  • Results - Leave no stone unturned. We’ll work with you upfront to identify key KPIs and identify how to maximize emerging social trends. We’ll keep our pulse on key engagement tactics and the most resonant content. And, using our in-house formula for Real Engagement Rate, we can paint a more accurate picture of your program's progress.

Original Content Production

Content production is telling stories.

New stories surround us every day. New perspectives and ideas surround us, from many screens and voices. They can invigorate the soul and activate the mind; they can bring a laugh or a smile, they can move a heart. But, it takes something original to resonate and get the attention of consumers.

Our Grammy-winning film, sound, and production team creates experiences people love to watch and hear. From videos to photos, intimate artist interviews to live concerts, curated playlists to original music, we understand how music can move us all.

We’ll help you tell the new stories.

Get more information about our Original Content Production services:
  • Video Production - Our award-winning production team creates content experiences that showcase the best of your brand. Want top music artists to interact with your products and services? Or, are you looking to capture the excitement of your events? How about creating original videos designed for social sharing? We help you navigate the project lifecycle: strategy, concept, script, and pre- and post-production
  • Live Concerts & Webcasts - From on-demand video to live event broadcasts, our team can capture and stream content. Delivery can target web and mobile platforms, social media, digital advertising channels, and more.
  • Original Music and Exclusives - Sometimes projects call for something extra. Our relationships with artists and labels enable us to license just about any music for any use. But if that perfect song or sound doesn’t yet exist, we can help create it for you. We work with major artists to commission original songs, create new remixes of hits, or get our hands on tracks that only you can offer your customers.
  • Social Media - Creating a community demands a consistent wellspring of entertaining, shareable content. Our experts help you keep audiences engaged with content tailored for where they live online, from mature sites like Facebook or Twitter, to rising stars like Tumblr & Vine. See more in our Social Media section.
  • Entertainment Relations - Our expert industry relations staff is there for every step of your program's development dance. We'll coordinate artist schedules and travel, and provide onsite management during production. If needed, we'll also handle all licenses and approvals required to push your content live.